What is the To The Bridge Foundation?
What is the To The Bridge Foundation?
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Building bridges from treatment to lifelong sobriety

To The Bridge Foundation (TTBF) began in 2012 with a benefit concert to honor a man who was a friend to everyone he met, and who lost his battle with addiction at a young age. Tony Dolski’s passion for music and life has inspired his friends and family to do what he wanted most: to help others.   For the past several years, TTBF has hosted an annual benefit concert, which combined have raised funds for organizations with successful sober housing programs. We believe the critical transition from treatment to lifelong sobriety is one of the biggest barriers in recovery Proceeds from each concert, as well as the foundation’s other fundraising efforts, are specifically designated to cover costs for individuals who do not have the money to begin a sober housing program upon acceptance. We provide funds to help with necessities such as rent, insurance, psychiatric care, transportation, dental care and other basic needs. Our goal is to help individuals continue recovery in a supportive environment rather than become vulnerable by returning to previous circumstances. To The Bridge Foundation was proud to be the charity of choice for Robb Papas in the 3rd Annual “Live To Give” Charity Competition inspired by the hit reality television series “Survivor”. Thanks to Robb for his excellent performance and to Brandon Nelson who tirelessly organizes this amazing event each year. We are so grateful for your support!  

From Robb Papas:

What an absolutely unforgettable weekend. I competed in Live To Give the Survivor themed charity event. I love the game of Survivor so much and I’ll cherish the memories of playing in it with all these amazing individuals for the rest of my life. I couldn’t bring this one home for my charity To the Bridge Foundation, but made I made it 3rd on the jury. Thank you so much to everyone who donated: Brandon NelsonAlex WagnerShawn McHale, the rest of production, the Dolski family, and all my amazing cast-mates. Without you, none of this weekend would have been possible. I won a massive advantage in the game raising the 3rd most money pre-game by only $75!  Eric Benson was one of the first people to donate—$100—because that’s the type of person he was. Without his donation I wouldn’t have been set up for such success in the cut throat game that is Survivor. God really works in mysterious ways. Finding that out I think was his way of telling me that he has you in his arms and that you’re okay. Love you so much buddy. Rest easy up there. I hope I made you proud and made everyone else proud who has supported me throughout this journey and throughout this past tough week.
Remember, no matter the fight you are fighting in with mental health or addiction, it can get better AND we are all in this together. Speak up and reach out. God bless!