We’ve seen the courage it takes to face addiction, and we know the pain of losing a loved one too soon.

To The Bridge Foundation began in 2012 with a benefit concert to honor a young man who was a friend to everyone he met, and who lost his battle with addiction at a young age.

Tony Dolski’s passion for music and life have driven his friends and family to continue to do what he wanted so badly to do: help others like himself.

At TTB, we believe addiction is not what defines a person, but the impact they make with others while working their hardest to lead a sober life. Sometimes, the struggles of addiction are more than can be battled alone.

To the Bridge foundation is committed to helping those that need a helping hand move to the next step in their sober life including education, occupation and even living environment.

To achieve this dream, we rely on four core values that affect recovery for everyone affected by addiction.

TTB aims to educate youth and at-risk individuals about the benefits of reaching out and asking for help and supporting their peers.

Outreach – 
We desire to be a presence as a helping hand in the Twin Cities and surrounding communities.

We believe it’s important to carry on the memory of those lives lost in personal battle with addiction.

TTB wants to spread the word that mistakes are understood and can be used as learning experiences. We want to share that asking for help is important and helpful to many people.