The To The Bridge Foundation Knows Early Recovery is Fragile

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Join us at the After Party with Jon Wayne 2 Augsburg University!
Join us October 28! TTBF is excited to host a free concert featuring live music with Jon Wayne (of Jon Wayne and the Pain) and his band and opening act The Push at the Augsburg University StepUP® Gala After Party!
How do the TTBF benefit concerts support people in the vulnerable transition from treatment to recover?  Jeff shared his story and how our work at TTBF helped him in his efforts with life long sobriety.
The To The Bridge Foundation Knows Early Recovery is Fragile
For me, recovery from chemical dependency, first and foremost, began by being taught about my insecurities. Insecurities due to my upbringing.
Over time, insecurity made me selfish, manipulative, and eventually depressed.   A leading psychologist described depression as the “perceived inability to construct a happy future.”  That resonated with me.
So, true recovery for me meant addressing insecurities and false shame, not at all just removing my substance of choice.
Tanya, a counselor at my final (my 5th) inpatient treatment facility, said something to me one day in July 2016 that changed everything.  It does not matter what she said, it is only important that I had an open mind, and what she said gave me hope that I could have a happy future.  After 10 years of trying to get sober, my obsession and compulsion with my drug of choice were lifted in less than 2 hours.  It was a cathartic feeling – my recovery moved from my mind to my heart, too.
In my experience, hope is the key.  It helped me add spirituality and faith to my life.  I become whole again – mind, body, and spirit.  Today, I have intrinsic confidence, rather than an escapist mentality (alcohol), and rather than seeking validation through work or women.
I left my 5th inpatient facility August 29, 2016, after 90 days, and went to Kinnic Falls, a halfway facility.  I spent 90 days there, and then 9 months at Gerber House, its sober living house.  The progression from inpatient facility, to a halfway facility, to a sober house, involved a slow transition back to independent living.  The progression led to me being legitimately ready for gainful reemployment.
As people in early recovery find hope, believe in a new way of life, and are ready and able to work full time, financial barriers often emerge, feel overwhelming, and can defeat hope.  This is why the To The Bridge foundation is so important.
In January 2017, I began working at a temporary “sober job,” making $13 an hour. I did not have driving privileges.  Through direct conversation, the CEO and owner of the company where I began work discerned quickly I did not have driving privileges, and that I was a licensed attorney.  I was honest with him.
He told me he was looking for a commercial attorney, and asked for my resume.  Today, I am general counsel of that company, with 160 employees, and report directly to the CEO and owner, providing sophisticated legal and business strategy counsel.
My point is simple: have hope, and do not be afraid to humble yourself.
Without the To The Bridge Foundation grant that paid to reinstate my driving privileges, the patience, commitment, and momentum of my recovery could have been defeated.  I would not have had the chance to capture the unexplainable opportunities that presented to me.  Early recovery is fragile, but the To The Bridge Foundation bolsters hope for those who “show up” and participate in their future.
I believe the To The Bridge Foundation’s mission is driven by this paradigm:  “But for the grace of God, there Go I.”  When gratitude (for the gifts in our life) and humility (sometimes bad things happen to good people) intersect, selfless action results.
Thanks again, Jeff  
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TTBF Hosting Jon Wayne and The Push at the Augsburg University StepUP® Gala After Party!

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Join us at the After Party with Jon Wayne 2 Augsburg University! TTBF is excited to host a free concert featuring live music with Jon Wayne (of Jon Wayne and the Pain) and his band and opening act The Push at the Augsburg University StepUP® Gala After Party! Please join us for a night of music, dancing and sober camaraderie at the After Party!
We thrilled to have Jon Wayne (of Jon Wayne and The Pain) headline with the opening act The Push. Both artists have strong ties to the sober community. Jon’s own journey into sober living a powerful story and he recently published his autobiography, One More Trip: John Wayne’s Journey from Addiction to Redemption.

After Party Event Details

Who: Jon Wayne (of Jon Wayne and The Pain) After Party Concert
What: Augsburg University StepUP® Alumni After Party sponsored by To The Bridge Foundation
Where: Augsburg University -- Hoversten Chapel, 625 22nd Avenue South, Minneapolis
When: Saturday, October 28, 2017 at 9:00 p.m.
Tickets: University Tickets Tickets are free.
Map/Parking Information: No onsite parking:
For more information visit our Facebook After Party event page.
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Thank you!

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Our 4th Annual New Year’s Benefit Concert was another success! We have many people to thank, but want to start by thanking all who attended the show. This year’s concert was full of energy, support and excitement- what better way to start a new year and celebrate life?

This year’s show was painstakingly planned by the dedicated To the Bridge board members, who were so dedicated they worked through most of the show. We are also incredibly grateful to have had amazing artists willing to give their all on stage, as well as support our cause while off of it. Thanks to Lizzo, Toki Wright, Big Cats and Sophia Eris for putting on a great show and reminding people about our mission. We can’t forget to thank Lazerbeak and Caroline Smith for their surprise appearances that helped make our show even more exciting!

Lastly, a huge thanks is in order for those who helped us promote our show and mission. Thanks to Barb Abney and everyone over at The Current! Yet again, our partnership with the Minnesota Music Coalition was amazing and we couldn’t have had the success without them.

We’re still crunching the numbers on attendance and money raised, but remember, 100 percent of our proceeds will benefit those making the next step in their recovery from addiction. Thanks again for another great show, we can’t wait for next year!


Lizzo ready for To the Bridge benefit concert

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Jan. 10 promises to be a full circle experience for Lizzo. It was about three years ago the then Houston, Texas, resident took to the Varsity Theater stage in Dinkytown with her band and the goal of gauging how Minneapolis would be as a place to be a musician.

“I received so much support in one show,” Lizzo said. “It completely won me over.” With that feeling in mind Lizzo (Melissa Jefferson by birth) moved shop to Minneapolis. At this point it’s more than safe to say her new home has suited her. The last year in particular has been a whirlwind of success following the October, 2013 release of her first solo album, Lizzobangers, which launched her onto the national radar and garnered critical acclaim. Lizzo has toured both the U.S. and United Kingdom since then, including a performance in October on “The Late Show With David Letterman.”

Lizzo_Annette4“(The last year) feels like it has been a decade,” Lizzo said. “It has been incredible.”

It’s perfect timing then, Lizzo said, that the start of 2015 brings her back to the Varsity Theater for the fourth annual To The Bridge Foundation benefit concert. On top of her excitement to play with Toki Wright and Big Cats (“He’s such a wonderful musician and a good man,” she said), Lizzo said she is looking forward the most to lending her support “to something I strongly believe in.”

“I’ve seen a lot of drug and alcohol abuse in my life,” the 26-year-old said. “It’s never something someone chooses for themselves. It’s a disease.”

Lizzo said she appreciates the meshing of TTBF’s goals – helping those with addiction build bridges to the next stages of their lives – and the idea of having control of your body and self, which she has focused on in the past year. “Whether it’s getting over body dysmorphic issues or dealing with alcohol addiction, it’s this idea of taking care of yourself,” she said. “I want to continue focusing on that.”

Richard Dolski, director of To the Bridge Foundation, is excited to have support from artists like Lizzo, Toki Wright and Big Cats for the concert. “We’ve been so lucky to have great artists over the years, this year is no exception. This year’s proceeds will help us continue to fulfill our mission.” Lizzo and Toki Wright and Big Cats support TTBF and its fourth annual concert” Tickets for the show are currently on sale at

Lizzo added that she has long appreciated the value of music as a universal language that can help the way people feel about themselves.

“I try to stay true to myself about loving yourself and having self-respect,” she said. “If a musician makes something self-respecting it will help people respect themselves when they connect with it. It’s a tidal wave.” That tidal wave is set to wash over the Varsity Theater on Jan. 10, a prime opportunity for people in Lizzo’s music home to connect with the budding artist and support a message of hope and self-respect.

“I’m really looking forward to talking with people who have overcome substance abuse, alcohol addiction and are working on sobriety now. It will be great to hear their stories and celebrate,” Lizzo said. “We’re gonna take some pictures, get some high fives and play some great music. I can’t wait.”

Lizzo headling TTB 2015 concert, Toki Wright and Big Cats supporting

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ttb2015 poster

We are pumped to announce Lizzo as our headlining act for the 2015 TTB New Years Benefit concert in honor of Tony Dolski. Not only are we moving to the Varsity Theater this year, but Toki Wright and Big Cats will be opening for what’s sure to be an awesome show.

Tickets go on sale for the Jan 10th show this Friday on Ticketfly, so be sure to get yours right away, we’re sure this will sell out fast!

Check out our social channels and the site leading up to the show for more details about the show including our annual raffle!

The Fourth Annual New Years Benefit Concert

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Date Announcement

The date has been set! We’re excited to let you know our 2015 benefit concert will be held Saturday, January 10th! We can’t wait to fill you in on our amazing line-up, including a solid headliner. Keep checking back to our site or visit us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for the latest details about the concert. Like and Follow us now so you’re always in the loop.


Twitter- @TTBFoundation

Instagram- ttbfoundation

It’s that time of the year…

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We’re looking ahead to our next benefit concert and couldn’t be more excited. We’ve come a long way since our first show to honor Tony Dolski back in 2011, and don’t know what each year would be like if we didn’t have this concert to look forward to!

This year we plan to change things up in honor of our fourth concert. We’ve taken your feedback for this year’s headliner and can’t wait to host a line up you’ll love.

Look for more information on our concert date, line up, location and other details coming in the beginning of November. Until then, reminisce about last year’s concert with this great shot of Astronautalis, one of last year’s headliners!


Thank You For Your Ongoing Support!

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TTB has continued to support a variety of organizations this year which assist individuals who are transitioning to their next phase or recovery. We continue to honor our partnerships with the following organizations who have proven their commitment to helping people in need.

TTB made a $2000 donation to Five Stars Recovery Centers in Chaska, MN to support CD Recovery Services. CD provides licensed Group Residential Sober Housing for individuals in recovery from alcohol and/or drug addiction. CD’s Minnesota Sober Housing facilities are home environments which differ from typical sober house facilities.

TTB made a $2000 donation to the Dolski Fund at the Kinnic Falls, WI ADA Services facility to assist individuals who have completed the residential treatment program and are transitioning to a sober living environment. Kinnic Falls provides comprehensive counseling services on a residential campus consisting of a 46-bed recovery facility and an extended-stay sober house.

Augsburg College Step UP Program, Minneapolis, MN – $1000 Read more here.

Of course, we’re also greatly appreciative of any & all your donations to our fund. It ALL goes to great causes which support the mission of To The Bridge Foundation. Please go to our home page where you can make donations through our Pay Pal account

Thank you for your ongoing support!

To the Bridge is everywhere

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UntitledWith our New Years Benefit concert this Saturday, we’ve been everywhere!

Over the last few months we’ve passed ouy fliers at the Doomtree Blowout, been a featured sponsor for The Current, been mentioned by City Pages on their site and newsletter, and even given away tickets on Radio K. Read more »