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Our 4th Annual New Year’s Benefit Concert was another success! We have many people to thank, but want to start by thanking all who attended the show. This year’s concert was full of energy, support and excitement- what better way to start a new year and celebrate life?

This year’s show was painstakingly planned by the dedicated To the Bridge board members, who were so dedicated they worked through most of the show. We are also incredibly grateful to have had amazing artists willing to give their all on stage, as well as support our cause while off of it. Thanks to Lizzo, Toki Wright, Big Cats and Sophia Eris for putting on a great show and reminding people about our mission. We can’t forget to thank Lazerbeak and Caroline Smith for their surprise appearances that helped make our show even more exciting!

Lastly, a huge thanks is in order for those who helped us promote our show and mission. Thanks to Barb Abney and everyone over at The Current! Yet again, our partnership with the Minnesota Music Coalition was amazing and we couldn’t have had the success without them.

We’re still crunching the numbers on attendance and money raised, but remember, 100 percent of our proceeds will benefit those making the next step in their recovery from addiction. Thanks again for another great show, we can’t wait for next year!


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